Redefining Camouflage
on the Modern Battlefield


Ametrine leads the industry to provide top Multi-Spectral Signature Management (MSSM) Technology, empowering users to operate unseen and with complete mobility on the modern battlefield.

Since WWII, sensor developments have vastly outpaced that of camouflage. Ametrine leads the charge to counter these advancements and take back the night.
We offer:

  • Consultation on a range of signature management needs
  • R&D services for specific applications

Ametrine’s mission is to mitigate evolving detection threats to our end-users by creating, stabilizing, and producing effective, novel signature reduction technologies. 

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

Sun Tzu


Ametrine’s trailblazing solutions are designed for users by users.
We develop and manufacture best-in-class solutions for MSSM requirements. Our innovative technology delivers advanced camouflage to enable the user to “blend” with the operational environment rather than attempting to “block” radiation being emitted. Ametrine’s singular process grants the ability to tailor visual camouflage patterns to specific regions for optimized signature reduction.

Ametrine’s keen experience in deploying MSSM systems to support real-world combat operations has yielded a highly iterative innovation cycle that constantly improves our capability to adapt to emerging threats and keep ahead of the adversary.


Personnel Systems

Ametrine’s Personnel Systems provide the user with unmatched levels of performance and protection without sacrificing visual camouflage advancements. These systems were dubbed by a US Government Laboratory as the “world’s first breathable, comfortable and durable” signature reduction solutions. From our Advanced Camouflage Combat Uniform™ System to MWD covers, Ametrine grants the operator an immediate, vital advantage on the battlefield.

Multirole Concealment Covers

Ametrine’s multirole covers and hides provide 360-degree MSSM and adapt to changing environmental conditions. All covers are lightweight, easy to employ, and offer reversible visual camouflage patterns that provide diversity for a range of operational environments. These systems are reconfigurable for rapid adaptation to field- expedient solutions.

Mobile Camouflage Solutions

The “next generation” of MSSM is here, now. Ametrine’s Flint technology provides signature reduction for platforms while on the move. Textile-based systems, while effective for static applications, are bulky and take up precious cargo space. As they billow and deform on platforms underway, they thwart the ability to effectively mask a platform’s signature.
Flint is a multi-layered composite coating applied to the “skin” of the platform, granting a more rugged and more effective signature reduction solution for mobile camouflage applications.

“Seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

Dr. Albert Szent Gyorgy


Ametrine’s top multi-disciplinary team encompasses key researchers from academia and industry with advanced materials backgrounds, art and camouflage experts, and a broad range of military veterans. Our decades of combined experience in these domains allow us to grasp problems faced by end-users, and to develop, design, test, and field solutions for the most challenging requirements.

“Ametrine’s products expended the range of the Brigade’s operational capabilities.”

Lt Col. F, IDF

Letter from the chairman

From the earliest days of my military training, I remember the admonishment of the NCOs training us in basic individual movement techniques: “If you can be seen, you can be hit; if you can be hit, you can be killed.” Since the advent of projectile weapons, this has been a truism in warfare; consequently, warriors have used camouflage and a variety of techniques to avoid being seen.

Over the course of my career in special operations, I witnessed firsthand the deployment of advanced sensors, signals collectors, and imaging capabilities that made it increasingly difficult to “not be seen.”

At first, cost and complexity limited the fielding of these technologies to the leading militaries; however, today they are commercially available and ubiquitous on the battlefield. For an Army that had long “owned the night”, this turn of events was unwelcome, to say the least.


At Ametrine, we are committed to helping our warfighters regain that competitive advantage. When I first met the Ametrine team, I was struck by two things. First, I was captured by the passion and
commitment of the work force: veterans, professional engineers, and scientists, all driven to serve the warfighter. Second, the company is fielding truly unmatched technology that seeks to deliver the goal embodied in Ametrine’s motto: “Be Invisible.”

I’m happy and proud to be a part of this remarkable team.

LTG Ken Tovo, U.S. Army (Retired)
Chairman of the Board, Ametrine Inc.


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“Comprehensive Signature management is one of the top 3 SOF Hard problems.”

Presentation of Head of USSOCOM Science & Technology, SOFIC 2018